ID grinding machine

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Machine Name: ID grinding machine

Manufacturer: WMW

Country: Germany

Stock-no.: S2017231202

Technical Specifications

Internal grinding diameter 400 mm
maximum work piece diameter in the protection of work piece 500 mm
maximum distance from the work piece  spindle flange - face grinding 500 mm
Distance work piece  spindle flange - bezel seat 280-650 mm
Grinding wheel diameter 0-250 mm
Work piece headstock swivel +/-5/30 °
11 work piece  spindle speed range 40-400 rpm
Delivery 1 tick = 0.01 mm
Table speeds 0.1-8 m / min
Rapid traverse 10 m / min
Inner loop service continuously 0.1-1 mm / min
Inner loop service of intermittent 1.0 - 25 µm/DH
Movements of the internal grinding device on the table 530 mm
Distance from the work piece  spindle flange - grinding spindle carrier 1450 mm
Internal grinding motor 7,5 kW
Work piece  motor 0.9 / 1.5 kW
Total power 17 kW
Dimensions approx. 3900 x 2400 x 2000 mm
Weight approx. 6,5 t
-Dressing apparatus, various replacement grinding spindle, clamping tools,

ID grinding machine-WMW

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