Vertical Turret Lathe-KSM 140

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Machine Name: Vertical Turret Lathe-KSM 140

Manufacturer: Schiess Moweg

Model: KSM 140

Country: Germany

Stock-no.: S10062203

Technical Specifications

Make : Schiess Moweg
Country – Germany
Model: KSM 140
Year of construction: 1994
Faceplate diameter: 1400mm
Largest workpiece diameter: 1600mm,
Turning height: 1000mm
Speed range up to: 250 rpm.
Max. Workpiece weight - 6.3 ton
Upper support with turret head,
Side support – Not working
Main drive DC: 65 kW
Support path x-axis: 950 mm
Support path z-axis: 700 mm
Total power requirement: 70 kW
Weight of the machine approx .: 21.5t
Main drive power: 4.76 - 69 kW (per speed).
Equipment / accessories:
Machine with 1 vertical and 1 side support
Digital display for 4 axes
DC main motor
5-fold turret head
Change Gears for threading operation.

Vertical Turret Lathe-KSM 140

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